Andrew Campbell of Bellevue, NE – Governmental Responsibilities for Upholding Human Rights

Andrew Campbell Bellevue NE, Department of Defense Military Analyst and Strategic Integration and Policy Planner, is an international speaker and author who has often spoken on human rights, victim rights and related subjects. His presentations, workshops and publication topics have included subjects such as “Victim’s Rights in South Africa,” “Forgiveness and Reconciliation as an Organizational Leadership Competence” and “Forgiveness as a Political Tool.”

Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne

Though basic human rights are known by many, the injustice surrounding individuals on a daily basis can cause confusion on how they are meant to be upheld. Experts like Dr. Campbell can shed light on the topic through their writings, studies and presentations. The basics can be understood by researching the points touched on below:

Everyone is Responsible for Respecting Human Rights – The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) states that all individuals and societal organs have a responsibility to uphold human rights. This includes all government organizations, businesses and people.

Governmental Duty to Respect, Protect and Fulfill – Governments are expected to respect, protect and fulfill human rights as outlined in the UDHR. This means that they cannot take away or interfere with their peoples’ rights, they must prevent other parties from violating human rights and that they must take necessary actions to facilitate human rights.

If you would like to further explore the enforcement and governmental support of human rights, consider an education and career in Global Leadership or International Conflict Management. These are the two fields of study that led Andrew Campbell to his Department of Defense position in Bellevue, NE, and they could similarly focus your professional path. Dr. Campbell is among the scheduled speakers at the World Conference International Institute for Restorative Practices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in October 2016.

Dr. Andrew Campbell of Bellevue, NE – Human Rights Expert

Andrew Campbell of Bellevue, NE, is a global leadership specialist employed by the Department of Defense as a Military Analyst. He holds both a Doctorate of Global Leadership and a Master of Diplomacy in International Conflict Management and, in addition to his work as a Strategic Integration and Policy Planner, he is a highly acclaimed author and speaker who focuses on the non-state and international leader’s role within human rights.

Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne

Dr. Campbell is one of the world’s leading experts on human rights and how global leaders deter or execute conflict.  Dr. Campbell was a key researcher in the Blood Diamonds conflict in Sierra Leone.   Dr. Campbell has written numerous articles on the conflict in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya addressing the political leaders impact on tribal conflict leading to war and peacebuilding measure.  If you would like to refresh your understanding of the topic, review the overviews of basic human rights questions below:

  • What Are Human Rights? – Human rights are the standards meant to allow all humans to live with equality, justice, peace, freedom and dignity regardless of color, race, sex, language, opinion or religion.
  • Why Are Human Rights Necessary? – Human rights are the minimum standards required for citizens of the world to live with freedom. Without them, people lack the guarantee of equality, security, liberty and life.

The above information does not delve into the complexities of the subject, but if it has stimulated your mind and you would like to further study how human rights affect everyone, seek an in-depth presentation or paper on the subject. Andrew Campbell, has published a number of articles in international journals and an excellent place to begin. For those with a deeper interest, contact a respected institution in your country to learn about obtaining a degree in the area.