Dr. Andrew Campbell – Working for the US Department of Defense in Bellevue, NE

Dr. Andrew Campbell works with the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (chemical and nuclear weapons) within the US Department of Defense in Bellevue, NE. Dr. Campbell is proud to serve his country this way and help keep many organizations within the US military properly operational and staffed to perform their duties well. Dr. Campbell performs many critical duties, including serving as the action officer-level point of contact for all matters to the Asian/Pacific region

Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne

He completed work on his Doctorate of Global Leadership in May of 2016. Global Leadership is an emerging field that focuses on an international perspective. In the past, global leadership competencies have not been distinguished from the competencies needed by domestic leaders. Dr. Campbell takes these domestic leadership competencies and assists government and nongovernment leaders to provide them with the global mindset needed to look at political, economic and military national and strategic problems through a different cultural lens. His view is that global leadership must develop and improve on culturally intelligent, socially responsible people able to lead transnational organizations across all sectors of the global economy.

Dr. Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne has worked in Bellevue, NE for several years providing critical expertise in developing strategic plans that contain leadership profiles of some of the world most dangerous rogue leaders.  These leadership profiles provide an understanding on ways on prevent and deter human rights violations in some of the world’s hottest conflict areas.


About andrewcampbellbellevuene

Dr. Andrew Campbell is an Army Command and General Staff College graduate in Bellevue, NE. He earned his commission into the Army as Transportation and Quartermaster Officer through the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Emporia State University in 1988. He has a Doctorate of Global Leadership from Indiana Tech University, is well published in international business, leadership and transitional justice journals, and conducts international leadership seminars has written and spoken widely on leadership issues.
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